Christmas Is Coming – Ho Ho Ho

Is everyone looking forward to the festive season?

I’ve been making the most of the Black Friday deals and splurging on some new costumes. My two favourite designers that I get originals as worn by Paloma (that are in my price range, cos that woman has got EXPENSIVE TASTE!) from are Nadine Merabi and Vivien of Holloway.

Vivien of Holloway: Has been with Paloma from the beginning even before the Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful era of vintage, pin-up, burlesque and later even made a custom dress just for Paloma, which I hope she might do soon for general release, but it is lovely that she’s done something so special just for her.

Vivien Wilson is a beautiful soul and her clothes are to die for. She has a boutique in London.

Check out all her vintage inspired glamour here:



Nadine Merabi: Appeared on the Architect tour/Festival season. She was wearing the Bella Jumpsuit on Radio 1s Big Weekend and Newmarket Races. Just for Christmas Nadine has released a limited edition red Bella. So… obviously I just had to snap it up… 😉

I love the Merabi looks and she’s a local designer to me based in Manchester.

Here are the pervious Bella looks:


The Christmas lovelies:

These are from the website, as soon as I have some shots from live performances I’ll add them. Whoop!


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