May Day, May Day!

Hello everyone,

It’s May already. Pure Paloma is nearly one year old.

I’m popping off for a few days next week on a little birthday mini break. Hooray!!!!

May has had some wonderful local gigs. A particular highlight was The Gun Inn in Hollingworth (a hop, skip and jump down the road) Ally and Leah really know how to run a party and they are keen to bring back great live music to The Gun, I really enjoy working with new landlords/owners and creating long lasting relationships and really special nights of entertainment.

The big news of the month is that I’ve been nominated for a National Tribute Music Award! Which considering I’m in my first year is pretty excellent. It would be lovely to attend the awards and meet up with so many other tributes I really admire.

Coming up in June is a very special event. I’ll be back at Blackpool Pride, where I stepped out as Pure Paloma for the first time last year. It’s going to get emotional! You can find all the information about how to book for Pride click on the link below it would be lovely to see you there.



“Beware the Ides of March”

It’s the famous quote from Julius Caeser by the soothsayer Spurinna warning him of dangers to come.

But for me, March has shaped up to be a pretty sweet month, with five confirmed gigs in, so far.

I’ve hit my Paloma challenge with at least one gig per month for 2019.

I’m going to keep working my tail off and will hopefully see you all at my shows over the coming months.

Make sure you keep coming back to the site, Facebook and Instagram pages to find out the latest Pure Paloma info, pics, updates and news.

Big love and smooches

Yzzy xxx


Where’s the New Year Gone?


We’re in February already, when did that happen?

It’s been a busy year already, second showcase, this time in Reading at the lovely Grosvenor Casino, lots of work coming in from that which is great!

I had my first gig at the Liverpool Hilton! Good golly, Miss Molly, that was immense. One of my fave gigs to date. Not just as Paloma, but EVER. Full on automatic dancefloor, loads of fun; even if someone did pinch one of my tambourines…

I seem to be on a mad wig buying thing at the moment. Webster Wigs have got some amazing bits in. I don’t think I’m actually going to make any money this year, because I’m spending it all on wigs!!!

So, where will I be this year? I’ve got lots of local dates in, around Manchester, a few private parties, some festivals, Pride events and one I’m really excited about the 48hr Fitness Weekender in September at Brean Sands (click on the link to book your tickets.)

AND THAT’S JUST FOR STARTERS! 2019 looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Don’t forget to keep checking in on Facebook, Instagram and the website for updates. As the summer season hots up I’m sure I’m going to be popping up here, there and everywhere.

Loads of love

Yzzy xxxx

Paloma Kiss

Christmas Time – Not so Silent…

Seasons Greetings!!!

Ho ho ho. Like the wonderful Paloma there isn’t much sleep to be had at this time of year. The bookings are coming in thick and fast for 2019.

I’m on groupie duty with Alex, in February who has got a two week residency in a super posh venue in Switzerland. So I’ll be doing a little bit of jazz singing and a lot of snowboarding. Lets hope I come home with all my limbs in one piece. Lots of pictures to come from that I think.

All confirmed dates have been put up. I’ve got a few top secret events and lots of opportunities for jet setting in the new year, so I’m very excited. In addition to that I’ve finally got round to putting up my show reel from the Viva Showcase.

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year.

If you’d like to do your 50p of kindness today have a look at my new video.

See you soon

Yzzy xx

Showcase Season

Hello all,

Showcase season is upon us. This is a brand new phenomenon to me. I’m excited to be trying something brand new.

I shall be performing a 10 minute medley of Pure Paloma with Showcase Productions at Viva Blackpool on 8th November. It has been painstakingly created by Dave at Alibi Productions. Bless him, he is a trooper and is wonderful to work with. He never gives me any stick despite my tweaks, changes and midnight messages.

I’ll also have a shiny highlights show reel to show everyone a few weeks after. So keep your eyes peeled for that going up on my Video page.

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