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Very excited to be working with my wonderful tribute mentor Hayley Ria Christian on Sunday 30th September. She is an incredible soul singer and fantastic tribute in her own right to Gladys Knight & Whitney Houston. Hayley has helped me so much with contacts, ideas, costumes and wigs. She has my never ending gratitude and love.

Filming is being done by Olibo Film & Photography who have a fantastic reputation. I’m nervous but intrigued about performing in a new medium, film definitely isn’t my natural habitat.

Most of the information is under wraps at the moment and pretty hush hush. But I can tell you we will be on location at Siren Asylum with fab performers from Siren Entertainment delving in to Paloma’s burlesque and cabaret roots.

This quote might give you a bit more insight into the theme. I can’t wait to share it with you all…

“All the things that I find beautiful have a darkness about them.” – Paloma Faith

Beautiful Darkness

Thanks for joining me!

2018 so far has been a turbulent and exciting year. I’ve had the idea of putting together a Paloma Faith tribute since 2014. Ever since a lovely chap called Karl or “Carlos” mentioned that I should learn “Trouble With my Baby” and “I’d Rather Go Blind”, because I had a look and sound of Paloma about me. So I performed Trouble With My Baby, it was (and still is a really fun number), which is why it’s the opener of my show. It was my eye & ear opening experience to her powerhouse vocals and how much fun she is to perform, so I thought my audience’s journey should be similar to mine.

“I’d Rather Go Blind” is another story. It’s a nemesis, one of the most beautiful songs; performed by three of my all time favourite artists: Paloma Faith, Paul Weller and the original, by the incomparable Etta James. I’ve been listening to the Proms version on a loop recently. Fun collaborations are in the pipeline…

So here it is. After four years of putting it off. A tribute to a gorgeous human being both inside and out.

Yzzy xx

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