Alex Frost


DJ and Producer playing everything that feels good!

Playing the length and breadth of the country, Alex is at home at underground events, weddings, corporate parties or any other occasion, fitting the music and the vibe to the time and place.

Alex tailors his musical sets to create the feelings the dance-floor wants, whether that’s a rush of excitement, giddy highs and bone-shaking lows for a basement on a weekend night, a warm and relaxing chill-out session for a midweek wind down, cutting edge tracks for the innovation hungry or more familiar classics for those simply seeking a good time.

If you want a full night of entertainment featuring a DJ, Alex is a great choice. He also works as my sound technician at locations that don’t have an in house tech (budget permitting). Watch closely in the Lullaby video, he makes a little cameo. He also makes a great brew!

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Alibi Productions

alibi 2

Alibi Productions is a North-West based Production Company providing a high quality, custom service composing & creating backing tracks for live artists, Recording Studio facilities, Mixing & Mastering services and bespoke Choreography and Pro Dancer hire.

Dave at Alibi recorded, mixed and mastered all my audio and created two bespoke backing tracks for me. He has the patience of a saint!

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David Nelson

Dave is a tremendous photographer. Alright, I am biased, he’s my dad! But if he wasn’t any good, I’d keep it a secret…
He’s worked for over 25 years for some of the biggest publications in the UK at some of the most incredible events (he is literally so much more rock and roll than me): including the BRIT awards, BAFTAS, Radio 1 Big Weekend, Glastonbury, Live 8.

The coolest thing about him is, I get the opportunity to work with a snapper that has actually shot Paloma in the flesh! He was one of the photographers that got her infamous BRIT Awards  water performance of Only Love Can Hurt Like This. So he knows how she moves, interacts with her audience and has seen her develop first hand as a performer. That and… he gives me friends and family discount. Oh ok, freebies!

To find more out about my pops and see some of the other ace people he’s taken piccies of over the years click here

Hayley Ria-Christian


For the last decade award nominee Hayley-Ria has toured the world performing her soulfully inspired live show, her personality and passion wowing audiences time after time.

Hayley is an accomplished Musical Theatre performer having performed in many shows such as Sister Act as well as being an established backing vocalist on major tours such as Sheridan’s Smith’s UK theatre tour in April 2017. She has most recently been bringing the house down with rave reviews as the Fabulous Fairy Godmother in Cinderella at the Manchester Opera House (there’s no surprise there, she is FABULOUS BABY).

In addition to being an exceptional performer, Hayley has used her years of expertise to give me a helping hand with the early stages of Pure Paloma. She acted as Artistic Director, co-created the concept for “Lullaby” and styled all my wigs. She is a lady of many, many, many talents. For more information about Hayley click here

Nixon Point

Nixon Point

NIXON POINT is a Brighton based fashion label that provides custom made fashion for the LGBTQ community and those that don’t fit any box. 100% bespoke.

Laura made my tartan suit and white ostrich feather shawl, both fit like a dream. She really understands stage wear, as a performer herself. She creates costumes that are flattering, comfortable, move well and are easy to maintain.

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OliBo Film & Photography


OliBo Film & Photography, Manchester based Video & Photography services. Producing cinematic wedding films and promotional media for business and entertainment.

Adam and Daniel filmed and edited my video for Lullaby. They managed to do the impossible and create something I love watching. We ate lots of donuts and pizza after the marathon shooting session.

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Siren Entertainment


Siren Entertainment is made up of: Aerialists, Pole Dancers, Burlesque Performers and Fire Breathers.

Created by Kat Loveday and Alice Ashurst they believe passion and strength is the key to every performance. They will provide just the right elements to really set your event on fire (completely metaphorically of course).

Kat, Alice and Arte feature in my Lullaby video and are also available to perform with me at live events (budget permitting).

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Coop & Remer

Furry idiots.