The Band

Let’s Meet the Band!

I’m very lucky, not only are my band dead talented, they are all gorgeous too.

Zoe – Bassist, Vocals & MD

Band Leader and Cyborg

Zoe is our Band Leader and Bassist, she sorts all the tech stuff out, the things that make Yzzy’s head hurt. She’s our resident cyborg, she’s so good at everything, we don’t think she’s human!

A competitive little bean, when we split you into teams, if you’re on her side, you’d best bring your A-Game, she doesn’t like to lose.

She’s also a very talented photographer. You can check out her stuff here

Henry – Guitar & Vocals

The Rock God with the Sunshine Face

Henry is a world renowned guitarist, vocalist and all round hero, We’ve heard tales he has a fan club in every county and can send a woman into the vapours from 20ft.

He is just as competitive as Zoe and there are high stakes in the sing off… household chores and pride!

If you want to learn to shred like a master, you can hit him up for lessons

Joe – Keys

Commander of Keys

Fun fact, Joe’s hips don’t lie! You need to see them to believe them.

This ridiculously talented tinkler has worked all over the world and also runs his own party band Fresh Grooves UK (check them out, they are brilliant), he probably has a secret underground lair somewhere, planning world domination – it’s always the quiet ones, but he still finds time to come and make beautiful music with us.

His ad libs are something to behold and so is his insane solo in At Last.

Aden – Drums

Prince of Percussion

Aden’s drumming is so tight, you can rent him out as a corset. He keeps us in time and he’s faster than the Duracell Bunny! Check him out in Changing, you’ll work up a sweat just watching him. He’s a brilliant producer too.

Originally from Bermuda, he’s now based in Manchester and plays for a number of acts across the uk. We know that we are his favourite though…

If you want to find out more about Aden, just click here

Elliot – Saxophone

Saxy Beast

Do you believe in miracles? Well you will when you see this Saxy Thang!

Elliot has soul in spades, he ads that extra bit of sex appeal a tune needs. He absolutely sets the mood to perfection in I Just Wanna Make Love To You.

A multi instrumentalist, if he can put his lips around it and blow he can make it sound good! Based in Liverpool he is a total pro and absolute gent!

Tom – Trumpet

King Toot

Tom is our tooter. Never one to shy away from dressing to impress at any event. He’s an incredible musician, utterly adorable and one of our favourites.

Graham – Trombone


Graham doesn’t always dress for Christmas, don’t worry.

A seasoned pro he has worked with many prestigious clients and we are honoured that he has chosen to spend his time flexing his arm with us.


Band line ups

  • Solo – Just Yzzy as Pure Paloma
  • Duo – Off the Cuff with Joe & Yzzy
  • Four Piece – Guitar, Bass, Drums & Keys
  • Full Shebang – Add the Brass Boys!
Christmas Party Dec 2021

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